including new brows

Duration: 2hr

Cost: $700

2- Mapping

Update your Brow’s Color

Have your eyebrow tattoo turned blue, red or purple or even green? 

We are now offering advanced technology to neutralized those underlying funky colors to give you back the brows of your dreams!

For your first session we implant a neutralizing pigment to combat old funky colors. After one month of healing we then move to corrective color work to give you the ombre brows of your dreams.

**Please note not all discolored brows
can be offered color correction

If this skin is too “full” of past pigment, we recommend Tattoo Removal for your journey toward beautiful brows

We recommend this to anyone with a “workable” shape, and understand that ombre brow is the only procedure
to have a successful outcome.

Eyebrow procedures is a two step process, an initial session
and a touch up. The touch up is not included.

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