+Shading Combo

Session: 2hr

Cost: $550

Last: 1-3 years

Skin type: all skin types

5- Microblading + Shading

What Microblading + Shading Combo ?

It is a combination of manual Microblading and Machine shading techniques. If trying to choose between the Natural hair stroke or the filled in makeup look, fret no more. This gives the eyebrow more fulness and definition with additional 3D dimension. This brow is lighter and more wispy in the front due to the hair strokes placed in the start of the brow, while the tail is powdered for that perfect definition.

Can be done in the few different ways – hair strokes with soft shading throughout the body or strokes at the bulb only and powder effect on the body and tails, also covers old brows tattoo.

For all techniques two initial sessions, spaced 6-8 weeks apart are strongly encouraged, but not mandatory, to achieve optimal results. Refreshers are recommended every Year.

Touch Up/Perfecting Session (within 6-8 weeks): $150

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